Love is in the Air at the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel

As legend has it, February 14, which we now call Valentine’s Day, marks the day that birds begin to mate and is marked, since the 14th century, by a feeling that love is in the air!  The traditions of the day, filled with grand gestures of courtship and romance expressed through love notes and sappy cards, red roses, romantic dinners, chocolates, jewelry, and the like, have been consistent across five centuries – on this specific day.

Even for those Valentine “Scrooges” who see Valentine’s Day as the ultimate commercialized holiday, it’s difficult to ignore the day.  For there, across their day’s paths, they will surely encounter an enchanted fairytale-like story that renews romance and gets their hardened hearts a-flutter again.

Justin and Jolene have such a story. Their paths crossed, on one summer night, during a music concert on the rooftop of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, and that chance encounter will bring lasting happiness to the couple in a fairytale happy ending that will resonate with wedding bells on April 28 this year!

Here is Jolene’s endearing recollection of the night she met Justin:

Valentine's Day Blog Photo

“Timing is everything.  The night I met Justin I was actually on a double date with a gentleman I had met only 3 days prior.  I brought my friend Lila along with me, as I was not interested in my date (AT ALL) rather just excited to go out, be social…and listening to live music atop the LWH Hotel sounded fun! I don’t remember much about that night before I first saw Justin..our “dates” were enjoying cigars and Lila and I were enjoying the music and ignoring them.  Justin was sitting with his family in front of us.  When he stood up and turned towards us to walk to the bar, that was the moment time stopped.  I can close my eyes (still today, almost six years later) and visualize the first time I saw his amazing smile and the light in his eyes.  I was magnetically drawn to him and we hadn’t yet spoken a word to each other!  I knew instantly that I wanted to interact with him somehow.  I handed him my camera and asked him to take a photo of Lila and me, and instantly the flirting commenced.”

Stories like Justin and Jolene’s make us smile and warm our hearts because they come along every so often to tug at our hearts.  And then we remember that in celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate a chance to renew that magical sense of hope for reaching that pinnacle of true love.

If you’re still looking for a way to show your “honey” how you feel this Valentine’s Day, consider booking the Love Me, Lavish Me package at the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and enjoy a split of champagne as you arrive, deluxe accommodations with a complimentary in-room movie, a turndown truffles and a chance to luxuriate in bed with a continental breakfast the next morning – all starting at only $289 per night.

Or, if an unparalleled romantic dinner is what you’re looking for, celebrate L’Amour at OnSunset Restaurant this Valentine’s Day and savor a romantic delectable five-course menu, with your love of course, created by celebrated Chef Olivier Rousselle

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